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14. How to become an ENX "Certified Service Provider (CSP)"?

14.1. How does a telecommunications service provider become an "ENX Certified Service Provider (CSP)"?


14.1. How does a telecommunications service provider become an "ENX Certified Service Provider (CSP)"?

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ENX is a multi-provider network. The number of telecommunications providers which are allowed to offer ENX is NOT restricted. Currently ANXeBusiness, Business Communication Company, KPN (ehemals Infonet Nederland), Orange Business, Telefonica, T-Systems, Türk Telekom and Verizon Business are certified.

The "certification" is the process how ENX Association determines whether a provider fulfils the "ENX Certification and Operation Requirements (ENX CORE)". Since the ENX network offers a list of specific security features and service levels only those providers which are certified by the ENX Association are allowed to provide ENX accesses.

The ENX certification process is divided into two steps:

In the first step (concept phase) the ENX Association verifies whether the network operations and the internal processes and the overall ENX operation concept of the provider complies with the ENX specifications.

In the second step (pilot phase) the provider implements its operational model. For this, ENX Association verifies, among others the
- internal organisation and the design of the operational processes
- IPSec interoperability (in our IPSec lab),
- implementation of the ENX Public Key Infrastructure and utilisation of the ENX trust center services and certificates.
- connection with the existing certified providers using the privately operated "ENX Points of Interconnection".
- implementation and complicance with the ENX specifications.

Assuming an appropriate preparation by the provider it is possible to accomplish the certification within approximately three to four months.

The ENX Association charges a certification fee of 50,000 EUR plus 19% German Value Added Tax.
Depending on the certification project expenses the fee can be reduced by 5.000 to 10.000 €. The fee does not depend on a successful certification but is due even if the certification fails. However, the fee will be charged according to the two steps shown above. Thus, the provider's maximum safety of investment is ensured.

The ENX Association gladly supplies interested providers with the ENX Certification and Operation Requirements. The conclusion of a non disclosure agreement provided by ENX Association is a prerequisite.

For further information please contact Mr. Lennart Oly.

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