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Why should you use the ENX?  
  ENX: Standardized. Secure. Fast.  

Facts & Figures:

- Optimised processes by technical harmonisation
- Reduced administrative and operational efforts
- Maximum security for sensitive data
- Simultaneous communication with all partners
- Guaranteed bandwidth and quality of service
- Availability of required bandwidths
- “ENX Yellow Pages”: all users at a glance

Why you should use the ENX network?

ENX increases the competitiveness of each individual user. Harmonised communication helps you to rationalise workflow processes and maximize the use of resources. ENX makes the exchange of engineering, production-control and logistics data possible throughout Europe.

The starting point: An inefficient multitude of communication requirements. In the past, manufacturers and distributors implemented individual solutions for exchanging data with their partners. As a result, many companies in the automotive industry are now using a wide variety of different solutions.

The answer: ENX – a uniform, efficient solution. In contrast to individual solutions, ENX enables every user to implement one single access in order to reach all of its partners. It HARMONISES and simplifies the communication, making it reliable, FAST and SECURE.


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