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How to use ENX?  
  Registration. Choose your CSP. Done.  

Facts & Figures:

You can find the most up-to-date contact information of our certified service providers (CSPs) on our provider page. You can select among all providers listed on that page.

How to use ENX?

Establishing a connection to the ENX network is no more complicated than setting up any other customised solution. The various steps are as follows:


First you have to register in the registration area. As soon as you have received your registration number, the ENX Certified Service Providers are allowed to connect you.

Choosing your ENX Service Provider

Please clarify, internally and with your business partners, how you wish to use ENX. Our Certified Service Providers will then be able to provide the right access to meet your needs. Finally, you may order your ENX connection from one of them.


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